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It really makes a difference when you get a customer chatting, and you put a smile on their face. That's something I really enjoy.
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My Day

Customers first

Helping and serving customers is the main part of my job. That might be helping them find something in store or answering their questions about a particular product.

Help where it's needed

When we’re busy, you might get pulled into another part of the store to help out. Sometimes you’ll go and pick orders for online or jump on a check-out. Whatever’s needed.

Store planning

Working out how and where to display products is big part of the job. We use ‘planograms’ to decide the best layouts and doing those can be quite fun.

Party time

We’ve got a whole separate party section here where we do stuff like helium balloons, piñatas, decorations, things like that. It’s fun and sometimes it can get very busy, so I help out there when I can.

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My journey

I’ve been with BIG W for 11 years! I started straight after school when I was 18 in Fill, which was fun. I did that for about 7 years. Then I went to days doing customer service and merchandising. The team here are great. Their abilities to multi-task or drop everything for the customer are top-notch. There are lots of different roles we do in a day here. But their ability to adapt and serve the customers, whatever their need may be, is really inspiring.

And I think you definitely need that friendly and helpful attitude towards customers and staff here. There’s a big range of customers that come in, from young people to the elderly. It really makes a difference when you can get a customer chatting to you, show them to a product, maybe talk about it a little, and end up putting a smile on their face. That’s something I really enjoy. It helps being a team player and getting along with your co-workers. You find there are always opportunities to step up and do different tasks around the store, do more than just your normal role, or work in areas you’re not quite used to. It mixes up the day and makes it more fun.

I’m currently stepping up into a management role here, doing some shifts at a higher level to see how it goes. That’s been great for my journey, and we’ll see where it goes from there.

What I've learnt
Be friendly
If there’s one thing you need in customer service, it’s a friendly and helpful attitude towards customers. Getting along with your co-workers goes a long way too.
Be welcoming
We all try to make sure there’s stock on the shelf and it’s marked correctly. But making the store inviting for the customers so it’s somewhere you would want to shop is more important.
Step up
I’ve learnt that I’m actually quite capable of leading other people, rather than just being focused on a single task for myself. That’s come from lots of relief leadership here in the store.
My favourite section in store right now?
Stationery! I love the stationery section. I love filling and presenting those shelves. And everyone needs stationery!
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